Night Skin Care Routine Steps, Products and Expert Tips


Since the K-beauty boom in the mid 2010s, the entire skincare-loving world has levelled up their routines, taking their steps into the double digits with cleansers, toners, mists, essences, waters, serums, oils, creams, gels…the list goes on. 

And while that multi-step routine has its doubters, the fact remains: Executing a beauty routine is some quality self-care that makes a lot of people feel good. Of course, there is also science behind it, and the benefits of those products you’re massaging into your face are aplenty. If you need more non-science (but equally as valuable) arguments for a quality skincare routine, Rihanna just blessed us with the release of a Fenty Beauty night cream.

If you’re still mostly focused on your morning, pre-Zoom makeup routine and simply quickly cleansing and applying whatever cream is within reach before you crash,…

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