October 2020 Horoscopes: See What the Stars Have in Store


It’s Libra season, the turning point in the northern hemisphere when nights become longer as the daylight slips away. This is the time of year when two big themes begin to emerge: sowing and completion.

We are half a year away from the spring season, which is often looked at as a time of beginnings. And that means autumn is a beautiful time to sow a seed or two for spring. The full moons of fall—Aries, Taurus and Gemini—correspond to the new moons of spring.

Spring and fall are intertwined, part of a greater cycle that you can tap into your after year. In the coming days, take a quiet moment for yourself and explore the question, “What would I like to grow in my life next spring?”

Of course, before you jump too far ahead into new possibilities, you will want to finish what you’ve started first. Completion is the other major theme throughout October….

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