Online Shopping During Coronavirus: Is It Safe and Ethical?


Workers are risking their health to fulfill our online orders. And how do we know these packages are virus-free?

The lure of my idle browser window is overwhelming. It blinks and beckons me to buy all of the hand-poured candles,  luxury loungewear and leggings that cost more than the average person’s monthly utility bill.

But I don’t—not just because my freelance writer’s income is even less predictable than usual during this global pandemic, but because I wonder if it’s even safe. People are being asked to stay home, and yet COVID-19 outbreak or not, online orders necessitate factory workers, warehouse workers, postal workers and delivery people to be…at work. While some companies are closing up shop for the time being and still finding ways to pay their employees, Amazon alone just hired 100,000 more people to be out in the world…

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