Presidential Debate Analysis: 5 Takeaways From the First Debate


In such an unpredictable year, it would almost have been comforting to see the two dark-suited septuagenarians playing so true to type. It would have been comforting if it wasn’t so representative of the unravelling of America.

During the first presidential debate of 2020, President Donald Trump was a perfect caricature of himself, speaking in hyperbolic soundbites that couldn’t have sounded more off-the-cuff. Former vice president Joe Biden appeared alternately incredulous, amused, confused and pained by the experience, letting out a “Would you shut up?” within the first 20 minutes of Trump’s incessant interjections.

The event, exactly five weeks before election day, was expected to be the most-watched political event in United States history, including outside the U.S. If you only lasted a few minutes before turning off the TV in frustration, don’t…

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