Pro Tips on How to Elevate Your Photography Game At Home


Because we’re going to be staying inside for awhile, we got tips on nailing the shot—whether it’s an outfit selfie, an artful nude or a professional headshot—from the comfort of your home

Pandemic life has been an adjustment, to say the least. As cities have gone in and out of (and back into) lockdown, we’ve become our own hair colourists, estheticians and office managers. We’ve staged Zoom weddings, gone on virtual first dates and turned our living rooms into candle-lit restaurants. And we’ve gotten pretty good at taking our own photos at home, snapping outfit pics, artful nudes and, yes, even professional-looking headshots chez nous. But there’s always room for improvement so that we don’t phone in our next sext with something that looks like it wasn’t downloaded from iStock. (Looking at you, Chris Evans.)

Since we likely won’t be…

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