Psychologists Reveal How You Know You’ve Found ‘The One’ –


Relationships, we can probably all agree, are a tricky business at the best of times. Getting from a swipe right on Tinder, to making it past the first date and then sailing into ‘official relationship’ territory, well it can all feel a lot like running a gauntlet that you’ve been incredibly poorly prepared for. But if you do manage to make it successfully into coupledom — slaps on backs and clinking glasses from all of us here – the next question you’ll need to ask yourself is this; are they really ‘The One’?

Now regardless of whether you’re onboard with the idea that there’s just one single person out there, among the 7.6 billion people on Earth, that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with, the fact remains that some people are just better suited to each other. Here’s a cute Answers post talking about that magic.

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