Reviewed: Glossier’s New Priming Moisturizer Balance


So, here’s the tea. I really struggle with moisturizers. It’s as if my skin was ordained at birth to break out at the touch of literally any product designed to keep my skin hydrated. And, despite plenty of high-flung promises, plenty of formulas labeled as oil-free or safe for acne-prone skin have left my skin bumpy, greasy, or simply dehydrated. It’s so hard to find a product that can effortlessly toe the line between hydrating enough and zit-inducing city. In my time as a beauty editor, there have only been a handful of primers and moisturizers I can tolerate, and while I was hopeful after hearing the news and product perks of Glossier’s new launch, I was understandably, cautious. (What can I say, I’m damaged goods with trust issues!)

However, I’m happy to report that this product really fit the bill. Rarely does a beauty product do everything it says it will, but this…

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