Reviewed: Why Fashion Girls Love Frigg and Undefined Beauty


Kimberly, what was it like to participate in the Clean Beauty Summer School?

KD: It was so epic. We had all of these CEOs and founders of all these top brands, and it really was open book. Again, I’m realizing I’m an only child and very competitive because some of these women were just like, “And here’s my packaging provider; call Fred on Tuesday!” [laughs], and they were just so open-book about it. It was so informative and supportive.

I do think the other benefit was being with all these other founders. One of the things I thought was interesting from the Black Lives Matter wave in June was that even myself, as a Black person, it’s hard to know what other Black people are doing. I just wasn’t even aware. I didn’t have this community before. And so it was an interesting summer of like, Wait, you’re doing that, and you’re doing this, and you’re not a…

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