Rihanna Wore the Trend That’s Replacing Skinny Leather Pants


Full disclosure: I’ve never put my legs in a pair of leather pants—mostly because the skinny leather ones that have been so popular for the past decade look like the pants version of misery to me, even though you can’t argue with the fact that they look cool on. But there’s been a new development in the leather pants world, and Rihanna just made it official: straight-leg leather pants. 

So, straight-leg leather pants may not seem all that groundbreaking, but they feel fresh and new, and are a tad more comfortable than their skinny-leg counterparts. Rihanna wore hers out to dinner in Santa Monica over the weekend with a black sweater and coat, and square-toe Prada boots. Since I’ve been seeing more and more loose leather pants on the market as of late, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a full-blown trend that Rihanna just made official. So let’s shop for some, shall…

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