Rules For Restaurants During COVID-19: What to Know


With provinces gradually rolling out their plans for reopening, many people across Canada are excited to start going out to enjoy patio drinks, Sunday brunch and all the other things we haven’t been able to do since quarantine started. However, it’s important to remember that, while things are improving and the number of new cases is gradually going down, the pandemic is still here—and reopening doesn’t mean that things are back to “normal.”

“Since provinces/territories are responsible for coordinating their own reopening plans, the stages are very regionally specific,” says Brittany Andrew-Amofah, senior policy and research analyst at Broadbent (and the host of FLARE’s weekly IGTV series Brittany Breaks It Down). “For most provinces/territories, Stage 2 involves reopening businesses primarily focusing on the use of outdoor space with new social…

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