Samira Nasr as Harper’s Bazaar Editor in Chief Is Important


My earliest memories of fashion magazines began as a young child when my mother and I visited the library on a weekly basis. I was not keen on picking up the illustrated children’s books. I was attracted to the glamorous and beautiful women who graced the shiny covers of fashion magazines. I’d flip through the pages without understanding a word.

My obsession followed me through high school, when I would use my lunch breaks to read any magazine I could get my hands on, including Marie Claire, Vogue, and Elle. I was the nerdy yet creative girl who constantly looked to escape mundane school life, and each page inspired me to imagine the beautiful life ahead of me.

One day in my late teenage years, I had a conversation with my mother in which I revealed my interest in the fashion industry. She expressed her disbelief, because the fashion industry is not fit for girls who looked like…

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