Second Life Podcast: An Interview With Lisa Price


Driven by a deep love of fragrance from a young age and an article she read about Prince (you’ll have to tune in for that story), Price spent her time off from the long hours of television production experimenting with layering scents and formulating her own recipes for lotions and other personal-care products. It wasn’t until 1993, when her mother, Carol, nudged her to sell her Fragrant Moisture Butters—as she called them at the time—at a local flea market, that Price met her first customers, who quickly bought up her entire inventory. 

Her products were an immediate hit, but that doesn’t mean scaling the business came easy. Among the challenges of any startup, Price had an additional factor working against her. An improperly filed tax document in her past meant that for years, Carol’s Daughter was unable to secure business credit or outside investment,…

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