Shop Jordan Alexander’s White Boots in Gossip Girl Reboot


Just like the original series, Gossip Girl‘s reboot is proving to have quite the influence on our wardrobes. We just got our first look at the cast in character while shooting in NYC this week, and the undisputed star of this glimpse has to be actress Jordan Alexander in a stop-me-in-my-tracks pair of knee-high white Schutz boots. I know, I know — you might be thinking, “Would I even have a place to wear these boots right now?” That’s where Eric Daman’s expert styling comes in. The costume designer masterfully paired them with an oversized button-down and biker shorts — quite the riff on the Upper East Sider’s elite private school look. And, even if you’re not headed back to school, the office, or anywhere more glam than a quick errand, a run, a walk, or a strut from the sofa to the fridge, these boots might just be what’s missing in your laidback uniform.

Take cues from Jordan…

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