Shop the Best Outfits From The Politician Season 2


You’re guaranteed a handful of things when you go into The Politician season two: drama, musical Ben Platt moments, and amazing style. The Netflix series from Ryan Murphy gave us plenty of suits and bows to talk about (and base Halloween costumes off of) last year, and after binging the latest season, I can report that the fashion is just as good. With New York as its backdrop, the tailored coats and beaded collars look perfectly in-place — and actually remind me of another Upper East Side show. Is anyone else getting Gossip Girl vibes?

I think Blair Waldorf would be envious of all the Gucci, Tory Burch, and Valentino worn by Payton Hobart’s campaign crew. It’s easy to imagine Serena Van der Woodsen and Georgina Hobart sharing a closet too, with their love for flowing gowns. We can thank costume designer Claire Parkinson and her sister/assistant, Lily, for all the incredible…

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