Should You Be Worried About Wayfair and Human Trafficking?


As if 2020 couldn’t get anymore bonkers. In a year that’s already given us a global pandemic, the routine killing of Black and Indigenous people by police and an overwhelming amount of Twitter content featuring realistic objects that are actually cake, we now have a conspiracy theory involving online furniture companies and child trafficking to contend with. On July 10, home furnishin retailer Wayfair started trending on Twitter and it was for a pretty nefarious reason. According to Mashable, on July 9, users on Reddit’s r/conspiracy subreddit started positing that the site—or potentially third-party sellers on the site—were secretly part of a child trafficking ring. And this didn’t come out of nowhere. The theory started when a user posted a screenshot of abnormally high-priced cabinets from the Wayfair’s site, noting that the names were unusual…

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