Stars Serving Top Isolation Content


Featuring Ina Garten, our quarantine queen

If there’s one thing that the spread of COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that celebrities—contrary to what Us Weekly may tell us—are most definitely *not* like us. Since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic on March 11 and physical distancing began, celebrities have been broadcasting on social media from their palatial homes and seem to be in a secret contest to see who can be the most un-relatable person alive. From starting a sing-a-long no one asked for, to making tone-deaf comments about the virus and comparing quarantine to prison, celebrities from Gal Gadot to Ellen DeGeneres have been proving that TBH, our idolization of celebrities is kind of misplaced. Especially considering the hard work and heroism of frontline workers; with doctors, nurses, garbage collectors, factory workers and grocery…

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