Stylish Gen Z Influencers 2020 I Interview


While this year has been tough for many of us, it has taught us to reevaluate many things, like figuring what truly makes us happy. It has given us a moment to reflect on our personal style and has allowed us to take a step back to focus on the little things that spark joy, whether it’s learning a fun TikTok dance or binging a new TV show. Staying at home has also helped us rethink whether we need to hyperfocus on things like trends or just wear what makes us feel good. Social media apps like TikTok have pushed this feeling to the forefront, and it has introduced us to relatable stars like Emma Chamberlain, Claud, and Taylor Cassidy along the way.

We’ve found things that have provided us solace and given us a little joy, whether it’s trying out a fun TikTok hack or embracing your culture and dressing up in traditional outfits just for the hell of it. (Personally, staying at home…

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