Stylish Sweatsuit Sets for Women


When peak cozy is the style goal, is there anything better than a matching sweatsuit set? From classic gray and black to pastel hues like mint and lilac, sweats have evolved from dingy and embarrassing to cute and coordinated. Though we’ve been championing the look of sweatpants and hoodies for quite some time, we’re living in an era of comfort-first fashion; it’s a time where we’re wearing our comfies more than our jeans, dresses, and skirts. As a result, we want to re-think the idea of comfy style, and sweatsuits, in particular, to make them feel a little more fashion, and a lot less . . . disheveled.

When looking for sweatsuit set inspiration, we, of course, took it to Instagram in search of fresh formulas. After a few scrolls, we came upon tons of creative ideas (and colorful Entireworld sets!) that suit work-from-home schedules, chill lounging moments, and daily walks. Think…

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