The 10 Best Acne Patches to Clear Pimples Overnight


I used to be incredibly quick to write off certain beauty products. I often assumed new innovations or tools were merely gimmicks, and I had a bad habit of completely discounting certain product categories, like face oils, for fear they’d exacerbate my sensitive, especially acne-prone complexion. (I say “especially” because, no matter how many filtered photos you see on Instagram, the reality is we’re human, and we’re all acne-prone. Pimples, whether we like it or not, are a fact of life.)

Over time, I realized I actually could use face oils—I just had to be selective. In that same vein, I realized acne patches weren’t just a new industry ruse to vacuum even more of my money from my bank account. The first few acne patches I tried didn’t do a thing, but I was determined to stick with them. After plenty more experimenting (my Starface Hydro-Stars, $11, were the…

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