The 10 Best Tubing Mascaras For Longer, Fuller Lashes


When it comes to mascara, cosmetic companies are constantly innovating. Between plastic molded brushes and argan oil–enriched formulas, every new launch promises to give you the best lashes of your life. But nothing changed the game quite like tubing mascaras.

While traditional formulas paint the lashes with pigment, tubing mascara contain polymers that encapsulate each individual lash in a water-resistant, tube-like vacuum. Once it binds to your lashes, a tubing mascara won’t run, flake, smear, or clump.

The result? An impressive lash-lengthening mascara that stays put, even when it’s massively humid outside. Tubing mascaras have just as much staying power as a waterproof formula—but are significantly easier to remove. Simply wash your face with warm water and a cotton pad, and watch the tube-like enclosures slide right off.

Tubing mascaras originated in Japan and slowly…

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