The 10 Essential Clothing Items I’m Buying This Year


At the start of the year, I made a pact with myself. I was feeling fed up with the feeling of constantly needing to refresh my wardrobe every few months and keep up with every emerging trend, cool new brand, and styling trick I saw. As you can imagine, that pesky habit of setting impossible expectations for myself and my wardrobe is exhausting. I know for a fact that I’m not alone here because after endless conversations with my friends I realized we all felt this same need to have something right this second. So I made a challenge for myself—I’m only buying 10 new fashion items this calendar year while fulfilling my shopping itch with vintage and thrift items—and I’m publishing this story to thousands of WWW readers in the hopes that it will keep me honest.

After carefully considering what I have in my closet and which gaps I’d like to fill, I came up with a…

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