The 11 Best Acne Serums That Actually Work


FYI—there are more than 430 face serums available at Sephora. At Dermstore? More than 650. Clearly, there is no shortage of covetable serums within the skincare-obsessed day and age we live in, but if you have certain kinds of skincare conditions like acne, finding the right formula that will help (not hurt) can be tricky.

Some formulas might be too oily, which can exacerbate bumps and quickly cause pores to clog with buildup. Others might be aggressively laced with acids, exfoliants, and botanicals that just further irritate and worsen sensitive, breakout-prone skin types. I’ve struggled with adult acne for years now and have tried my fair share of acne serums. Sadly, only a large handful have actually helped. To combat whiteheads, blackheads, cystic breakouts, and beyond, I’m sharing 11 of the best acne serums below I swear by for a brighter and…

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