The 11 Best Root Touch-Up Products on the Internet Right Now


I’ve been getting my hair colored since I was in fifth grade. I’d tag along to my mom’s color appointments, and as she’d get her signature shade of dark brown, I’d sit in the station next to her anxiously anticipating my own fresh paint job: Mary-Kate and Ashley–inspired zebra streaks. (Or whatever pop star I was currently obsessed with at the time—I also, undoubtedly, sported glittering temporary tattoos and foam platform flip-flops.)

Since then, I’ve dabbled in lowlights, highlights, and full-speed-ahead bleach and tones to maintain my false identity as a blonde. I’ve thought about ditching the inevitable damage, salon costs, and upkeep as the years have worn on, but every six weeks as my dark roots regain the monopoly over my hairline, I instantly neglect any fleeting thoughts of going au naturel. I’m infatuated with my colorist here in Los Angeles (Cass Kaeding, I…

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