The 12 Best Fiber Mascaras That Rival Lash Extensions


I’ve always really liked my long lashes (they actually happen to be my favorite feature), so I’m not entirely sure why I opted to get lash extensions a few years back when I first moved to L.A. I had an arsenal of tried-and-true mascaras I was actually completely satisfied with, but the perpetually curious beauty investigator in me just had to try the buzzy treatment for myself.

Long story short: I kind of hated them. Sure, my lash extensions looked fantastic and they saved me time and effort each morning, but I found that they irritated my eyes. I also had trouble removing the other makeup I liked to wear (like concealer) and was—perhaps irrationally—extremely paranoid I’d contract a horror story–level infection that would cause all of my lashes to fall out forever. (I guess I had watched one too many extension-gone-wrong vides on YouTube.)

So, after…

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