The 12 Best Hairstyles for Hiding Greasy Roots


We’ve all had those days when the discovery that our hair is just a touch greasier than we thought descends upon our morning routines like a dark cloud. It’s a dreadful feeling because, of course, by the time you realize what’s happening on top of your head, there’s almost never enough time to remedy the situation. You can pretty quickly blot away excess oil from your skin, but the same just is not true for hair. Cue panic. 

That’s where these hairstyles for hiding greasy roots come in to save the day. Whether the culprit was too much leave-in conditioner or one too many days since that last wash, these easy styles can help you disguise the unkempt look of oily hair in a flash. Ahead, our favorite looks and all the products you’ll need to achieve them.

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