The 12 Best High-Waisted Boot-Cut Jeans


If you feel like there is a new denim trend every season, well, you’re right. But a constant variation in trends helps keep your wardrobe must-have feeling fresh—especially when you’re tempted to just wear a tried-and-true grandpa jean every day (guilty). This season’s It jean is almost like your mom jeans in that you definitely saw your mom wearing these in the mid-’90s to early ’00s. The boot-cut jean is back and it’s coming for your ankle boots.

In this fashion girl’s opinion, it’s the formfitting and ultra-flattering shape that has driven this denim shape’s rise to popularity (some might say return). In a body-hugging answer to the boyfriend jean, fashion is saying it’s ready for a return to tailored looks with clean lines. And we’d have to say we agree. Shop the 12 best high-waisted boot-cut jeans below.

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