The 12 Best-Selling Fashion and Beauty Products of 2020


One of our all-time favorite things to do is find out which fashion and beauty items our readers (AKA you) are shopping right now. Before the current pandemic, usual suspects like spring sandals or floral dresses  made the list, and currently easy-to-wear and comfortable items like this $18 ribbed top or super soft tee are reigning supreme. Other items are slightly more surprising (more on that ahead).

While the general attractiveness and versatility of an item are cause enough to invest in it, sometimes the power of influence comes into play too. In other words, if our friends or colleagues or even favorite celebrities are also wearing items we’re considering buying, then that can be enough to get us to click ‘add to cart.’ To illustrate our point, we rounded up 12 products that are flying off the shelves because someone else proved they were worth buying them…

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