The 13 Best Face Shields That Are Surprisingly Cute


At this point in the year, it feels as though there’s nothing 2020 could throw our way that would surprise us. We’ve really seen it all. Think about it: just a few months ago we were acclimating to the idea of wearing face masks and figuring out the mask mistakes to avoid but fast-forward to the present-day and wearing them has become send-nature. The same can be said for PPE in general—who would have guessed that items like gloves and hand sanitizer would become daily essentials?

It’s only natural that we’d witness an evolution in protective gear and, well, I’m here to report on the latest development: face shields. Yep, it’s time to discuss face shields and as your go-to shopping resource, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that we’re showcasing a number of options to consider should you find yourself in the market for one.

Before you scroll down to see which…

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