The 13 Best Foundations for Rosacea in 2020, Hands Down


Not surprisingly, all of the above makes shopping for skincare and makeup hard. Many formulas are drying, irritating, or filled with icky filler ingredients that just won’t play nicely with rosacea or skin that’s prone to chapping, redness, or dehydration.

According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau (who has also been my skin hero), steering clear of highly active ingredients, over-exfoliation, hot water (store your skincare in the fridge!), allergen-ridden products and embracing protective, gentle, and calming ingredients (think physical sunscreens, chamomile, white tea, etc.) is a fabulous game plan for managing rosacea. Another good idea? Opting for the best foundations that will not only help camouflage redness or other related complications like bumps and uneven texture but also heal, soothe, and definitely not exacerbate the volatile situation. Ahead, we’re…

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