The 13 Best Gel Nail Polish Brands That Rival a Manicure


As someone who used to be hopelessly devoted to my monthly gel manicure, I get the appeal of the salon treatment. I do! You don’t have to lift a finger (except when the manicurist asks you to), you don’t have to worry about what your nails look like for weeks on end, and the juicy signature shine is hard not to fall head over heels for.

Alas, salon-job gel manicures do come with their fair share of shortcomings. A) They’re expensive, B) there can be hassle and inconvenience with making an appointment, parking, and actually making it *on time* to your appointment, and C) they can inflict some not-so-nice damage to your tips. 

Therefore, when a slew of our favorite nail polish brands began to debut their own at-home gel mani dupes with comparably shining, long-lasting results, we threw our hands up and shouted hallelujah. Yes, a salon experience can be…

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