The 14 Best Face Exfoliators to Smooth Away Dry Skin


The first time I ever used an exfoliator (it was probably Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing TBH), my entire life flashed before my eyes. Or at least, my entire skin regimen. I’ve always been someone plagued with stubborn breakouts and congestion (what estheticians call small textural issues like whiteheads, etc.) in addition to having persnickety, dry, and sensitive skin. Basically, I had lots of factors working against me, and my pre–beauty editor uneducated self attacked my aggravated complexion with all the wrong strategies, from over-abusing too harsh face masks to drenching my skin in bucket buckets of zit cream.

It wasn’t until I had my first-ever consultation with an actual esthetician (again, celeb skin expert Renée Rouleau) that I realized I was carrying on with a bass-ackward strategy. Yes, regular masking and exfoliants are key for a…

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