The 15 Best Blue Nail Colors That Are So Flattering


Mint green, slime green, Crayola yellow, juicy peach, red, pink, black, white… There has never been any shortage of trendy color schemes when it comes to our nail aesthetic. It seems as though every season, one color reigns supreme before being replaced by something newer and fresher the following year. However, one nail color that still has yet to really have its moment is blue. Sure, pastel blue and turquoise are always in the mix come spring and summer, while indigo and navy come into play once the weather cools, but we’re here to say we’d like summer 2020 to be all about blue and every iteration of the shade imaginable.

Not only do blue nail colors look great all year round, but they’re also incredibly flattering and can even serve as a great alternative to other beloved natural hues like white, gray, and black. So with summer officially here and head-turning blue…

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