The 15 Most Popular Nail Polish Brands of 2020


If there’s one thing we’ve learned as beauty editors, it’s that a brand’s popularity doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with its effectiveness or quality. While perhaps a bit controversial, we’re not afraid to dismiss a hair, makeup, skincare, or even nail polish brand if we think it’s (honestly) underwhelming and over-hyped. There’s a large bandwagon mentality when it comes to beauty products and good (or bad) marketing can be a be-all-end-all for a bourgeoning label.

Bearing all of that in mind, we like to keep it real here at Who What Wear Beauty] and only recommend the brands and products we feel are really truly worth your money. Recently, me and my beauty colleague Courtney Higgs dished on the most popular makeup brands we 100% feel earn their well-famed glory, and now it’s time dive into nail polish. With so many brands out there with tons of…

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