The 16 Best Hairbrushes for Every Single Styling Need


As much as we’d love to streamline our haircare routine with kitchen-found treasures like a fork (Sorry, Ariel), shopping for the best hairbrush to suit your hair type, texture, length, and styling preferences is far from uncomplicated. The brush you use to detangle snarls or distribute conditioner while in the shower probably isn’t what you’ll use to blow out your bangs. And just because one person likes a narrow teasing brush to boost volume in their hair, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t prefer a volume-enhancing round brush instead. Of course, things get even more complicated when you peruse the hairbrush section of your favorite beauty retailer or head to a specific brand’s website to choose from the various collections and models. There are a lot of options where the best hairbrushes are concerned, and luckily for you, we’ve whittled the population down to 16…

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