The 16 Best Nail Colors for Short Nails


As someone who almost always has long nails (almond-shaped, please!), I’ll admit that when I hacked them down to tiny nubs this past weekend, it was as though an alien inhabited my body. Okay, that’s dramatic, but I was sick of them catching on my hair, slowing my typing speed (no good when you’re an editor!), catching more food than my mouth, and being all around annoying, so I determinedly clipped them down to about half their size. For a second, I was traumatized. Having shorter nails completely changed the look of my hands and fingers, and the initial shock reminded me of receiving a shorter-than-intended haircut. In seconds, your styling and decorating options can totally change. 

Now, obviously, you can wear whatever nail color you want regardless of how long or short your nails are, but as I’m learning, some colors (like neon pink, gold, and even cream-swirled…

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