The 16 Best Strapless Bras From Nordstrom With Rave Reviews


Shopping for a strapless bra can be more effort than its worth. So much so that you just might want to forgo the bra altogether. That being said, not everyone feels comfortable going completely braless, which means some extra support is needed. In this case, you’ll have to consider adding a strapless bra to your lingerie drawer, but if you’re anything like us, even the idea of searching for the best strapless bras that don’t keep you fidgeting every five minutes sounds like a grueling (and annoying) task.

Thanks to the internet, reliable retailers such as Nordstrom, and honest customer reviews, we can save ourselves a lot of time and no longer have to try out different bra styles and sizes. One deep dive through the comments on different types of bras, and you’ll find the good, the bad, and the ugly. Among those, though, you’ll find a handful of bras that customers…

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