The 17 Best Bolero Sweaters, the Season’s Latest Trend


Does a trend ever feel so original and fresh that it low-key makes you emotional? Nope, just me then? Well, once I show you everything there is to know about this latest micro-trend I’ve spotted, I think you’ll feel differently. After several months of keeping an eye on this piece, I can confidently say that it’s definitely one you should know about. The item in question? Boleros. More specifically, bolero sweaters.

After witnessing how one of these sweaters, in particular, became an Instagram It piece in its own right, I figured that it would only be a matter of time until more versions bubbled up and sure enough, now these sweater sleeves are all over my favorite retailers from Zara to Net-a-Porter. Whether it’s an ultra-cropped pullover sweater or more of an open-front shrug, the idea is that the sweater is mostly just the sleeves, hence the term “barely-there”….

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