The 17 Best Citrus Perfumes at Every Price Point


This period of extended time spent at home has taught me a lot about myself. I have a newfound appreciation for my makeup-free face, I’ve leaned into my morning routine, and I’ve even rediscovered some affordable skincare favorites that make my skin sing. But amid all the positivity I’m trying to stay focused on (my mental health depends on it!), there are of course those moments of longing for the simple things I never thought I’d miss, such as transitioning my scent wardrobe to suit the impending warmer weather. This is the time of year when citrus perfumes usually get to take center stage.

Citrus fragrances are versatile and varied, ranging from pure, lemony-spritzes to complex blends that draw in spicy, sweet, or earthy elements to play with. And any way you slice it, there’s just something about this playful scent family that instantly reminds me of vacation! 


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