The 17 Best High-Waisted Flared Jeans And How to Wear Them


The next big non–skinny jean trend is here, and not only is it chic, it’s universally loved. While it’s true that skinny jeans will truly never go “out”—ahem, nor do we want them to—we’ve just spotted a number of women wearing the next widely popular denim trend and PSA: it’s not skinnies. High-waisted flared jeans are on the rise and what I love about this denim trend, in particular, is how it appears to work for all women. In my image research, I couldn’t help but notice how popular the flared jeans are with women across a variety of age groups—from women in their 20s to their 50s and probably beyond, as well.

Unlike the dramatic bell-bottoms of the ’70s, though, these modern flares are updated for the present-day with a more streamlined silhouette that’s thankfully much more wearable. The other piece of good news here is that these jeans couldn’t look any…

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