The 18 Best Classic Beauty Products Worth the Investment


Quick question—you know that deeply satisfying feeling of finding the perfect pair of jeans after hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even years of searching? The kind of feeling that warrants spontaneously buying 11 pairs and throwing an entire rent payment at the sales associate just to ensure you never have to live another day of your life without this magic pair of clothing?

The same phenomenon can occur when you find the perfect foundation, nail colour, lipstick shade, or lengthening mascara. Sometimes there are certain outfits (or in our case, beauty products) you just can’t help but say yes to. So we thought we’d celebrate those cult-classic beauty finds that might not actually save your life. but kind of feel like they are a beauty equivalent of a superhero cape.

Keep reading to see which beauty products in this super-saturated industry are so…

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