The 18 Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin, According to Experts


In general, there are some guidelines to go by when choosing a face sunscreen, regardless of skin type. Board-certified dermatologist and founder of Amarte Skin Care Craig A. Kraffert, MD, says that the ideal facial sunscreen should offer broad-spectrum SPF (preferably 50+) protection that is water-resistant for 40 minutes.

Kraffert says that in his experience, he’s found the best facial sunscreens are a blend of both physical and organic chemical sunscreens. “These blended products allow the best synergy of functional SPF and aesthetic elegance/usability,” he explains. “For those with oily skin, chemical-only sunscreens offering SPF 50+ tend to be heavy, leaving a cloud-like residue even after massaging in thoroughly. This residue is particularly problematic when it mixes with skin oils. On the other hand, physical-only sunscreens lack aesthetic elegance at SPF 50+ due to…

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