The 19 Best New Beauty Products of 2020 (So Far)


I consider myself a beauty guinea pig. I will try any skincare, makeup, or hair product highly touted by friends, influencers, or celebrities at least once. (I even cut my own hair last month.) If there isn’t a free sample or purchasable sample-size version available, I usually do my due diligence by reading online reviews before making a purchase. Still, it’s fairly often that a product just doesn’t work out or simply isn’t worthy of a second purchase.

So far this year I have found 19 items (out of 31 I tested) that I am so hyped on and plan to replace over and over. That may seem like a lot of beauty items to buy in just six months, but many are under $25. From my new can’t-live-without nighttime serum to the fun nail stickers I get me infinite compliments, these are my favorite new (at least new to me!) items of the year.

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