The 19 Cheapest Fashion Accessories, All Under $10


From FaceTime to Zoom, WhatsApp to Skype, there’s no question I’ve spent more time on video calls in the past month than ever before, staying connected with my fellow colleagues, my family, and my friends as we navigate our way through the current pandemic climate.

The one thing I’ve quickly realized about seeing myself enlarged on a video chat is that my lusterless looks could really do with a little livening up—especially from the chest up. So for the past few weeks, I’ve made a point of amping up my top-half with the power of some chic accessories that don’t cost a fortune. (My bottom half is still reserved for cozy and comfortable sweatpants, pajamas, and shorts—or lack thereof sometimes).

There’s no question I feel more productive and confident when I bring my sartorial A-game to the table, so below, I’m sharing some of the cool and affordable…

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