The 20 Best Bras for Small Chests


There is no real reason for me to wear a bra. I have nothing to hold up or in—just a small chest that at times is more visible than others, depending on my outfit. Because there are no structural needs for my bra-wearing, I choose bras purely based on how they make me feel. And I only like the feel of one kind: an unlined underwire bra.

Underwire? No lining? I can hear the cries of dissent from my quarantined home office, but hear me out. I actually like having a small chest, so I don’t want to create an illusion of something that isn’t there. And I don’t want a flimsy bra that is going to move every time I do. The underwire ensures that everything—flesh and fabric—is going to stay in place no matter how many times I tuck my hair behind my ears or how crazy I dance. I know many find the underwire confining or uncomfortable, but to me, it feels like a steady embrace.


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