The 20 Best Organic Moisturizers to Buy in 2020


Here at Who What Wear Beauty, we eat, sleep, and breathe skincare. We’ve tested all the most iconic eye creams and gotten our hands on the exclusive moisturizers your favorite celeb can’t stop raving about on Instagram. But when we turn to the ingredients list only to find a slew of tongue-twisting words that just sound bad, we can’t help but give those (sometimes pricey) formulas a stern side eye. Are they really safe?

Even as editors, we sometimes find it a hassle to wade through all the misleading labels, tricky buzzwords, and ingredients we can’t even pronounce to determine whether or not a product that claims to be clean or organic actually is. Especially when it comes to moisturizer, a product that so many of us use twice daily, it’s difficult to stomach the idea that the ingredients in those jars could be causing toxicity in our bodies, and leading to serious…

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