The 20 Chicest Pink Nail Colors of All Time, Ranked


Nothing is more deeply satisfying than finding your perfect shade of pink nail polish. It’s a classic color, but depending on the time of year, event, mood, and skin tone (or the rest of your beauty aesthetic), your tastes might change. Sometimes, we want a barely there wash of sheer pink, and sometimes, we want opaque bubblegum. Other times, we want a polish that’s the equivalent of a ’70s disco party on our fingertips (aka as bright and glittery as formulaically possible).

There is definitely no shortage of gorgeous pink nail colors on the market. In fact, we’d say the overwhelming supply of options makes our desire to wear pink a little more challenging, How do you choose a pink when each brand has about 50 (or more) iterations to choose from? We’re here to help. Below, we’re ranking 20 editor- and industry-favorite pink nail colors to streamline your…

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