The 20 Cutest Flare Yoga Pants to Buy Now


Everyone’s in need of a workout wardrobe refresh come summer. It’s only normal to want something, well, different and fresh when it comes to your exercise attire. One easy to liven up your wardrobe in an instant? With a pair of flare yoga pants. Yes, they exist, and yes, they’re far cuter than any of your other sporty pants currently sitting in your closet. Prepare to be obsessed because these bottoms are a workout (and outfit) game-changer. 

Stretchy, comfy, and ultra-stylish, flare yoga pants aren’t just for the gym, either. Just like leggings, the wide-leg bottoms can easily be worked into your “regular” as well. Simply swap your go-to sports bra for a more fashion-forward tee or sweater, and you have a getup that’s equal parts cozy and cool. 

Though they’re harder to find, the market has a great selection of flare yoga pants to pick from, and we found the 20 styles…

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