The 21 Best Highlighters for Darker Skin Tones


As beauty editors, we know better than just about anyone about the power of a good highlight. This glistening accent can breathe new life into a minimally made-up face or be the cherry on top of a full beat. Either way, it’s a must-do step in any routine. With a vast array of pressed powder, liquid, and cream options on the market, you’d think selecting the right highlighter would be as simple as plucking your formula of choice off the shelf at your favorite beauty haunt. But for those of us with deeper skin tones, the burden of choice is a heavy one, because a highlight can go awry if not handled properly.

We know a thing or two about a thing or two (you trust us, right?), but we thought it best to call in the experts on this one. That’s why we tapped the most celebrated makeup artists in the game right now to weigh in on the best highlighters for darker skin…

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