The 21 Best Leggings for Hot Yoga, Hands Down


With summer winding down, it’s time to think seriously about getting that gym membership you’ve been thinking about signing up for. Because when the warm temps are gone, so are those comfortable outdoor workouts, where you can easily run, walk, bike, and more. Of course, fall is still a great time for those three-mile-long jogs, but when winter rolls around, it’s not quite that easy to get the motivation to head out the door. Aside from offering a good space to get in your daily fitness goals, gyms also give you access to some great classes—hot yoga being one that we think you should definitely consider signing up for at least once.

As you know, though, every type of activity calls for slightly different attire. We already did a guide on everything you should pack in your gym bag for a kickboxing class, covered what not to wear to yoga, and talked to an expert about…

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