The 21 Best Skincare Gift Sets to Buy in 2020


Confession: I love giving gifts. Seriously, it’s my favorite. Choosing personalized gifts I know people will actually enjoy is one of the only things outside of binging shows on Netflix I’m consistently committed to and in a world where gifting can feel like a burden, it’s such a fun mental shift to infuse a bit of extra love into the process.¬†For me, I view gifting as a tool to show those around me that I hear them, see them, and appreciate who they are. And while I try to make sure my actions express my adoration for those I love, giving them kick-ass gifts surely doesn’t hurt.

As a self-proclaimed master gift-giver, I feel confident enough in my abilities to share advice on the matter. And in my experience, there’s one category that has a freakishly high success rate: Skincare gift sets. Now, maybe I’m surrounded by more beauty lovers than the average person, but we all…

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